Designing your Course for the Facebook Generation:
Utilizing Technology to Get Students to Interact, Think Critically and Improve Their Outcomes

Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Dana Point   CA
Friday, May 4th, 2012, 9:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.

When it comes to tackling classroom issues you encounter every day, your colleagues are your most valuable resource. Now you have the opportunity to connect with them face to face!

John Wiley & Sons invites you to attend a live workshop to share your knowledge and teaching experiences with your colleagues. We are confident that this day will offer a wealth of ideas, activities and practical advice that you can put to immediate use in your classroom - from integrating technology to incorporating best teaching practices. So enjoy the day, share your ideas and get ready to learn.

Join us for this unique opportunity to CONNECT & COLLABORATE with experts in the field…

    What Really Matters in Learning Design: Principles and Practices with Learning Power
    Speaker: Kimberly Greene, Ed.D., Brandman University, Founding Member of iDEAL Blended Design Team

Learning outcomes, assessment, retention and accountability are major concerns for our higher education community. While there are no silver bullets for these concerns there are practical principles and practices that engage learners, encourage creative thinking and support lasting learning. This session provides a manageable set of principles and practices to guide faculty in making wise choices in the design and implementation of learning experiences. These practices include strategies for community building, continuous assessment and customized and personalized learning.

    Collaborate! Using Small Group Activities for Effective Outcomes
    Speakers: Rena Palloff, Keith Pratt, Authors of Building Online Learning Communities

Collaboration is considered the hallmark of online education. However, many instructors are frustrated with the use of collaboration in their classes due to concerns about uneven participation, products that are pieced together and are not really collaborative work, issues with grading, and general concerns about how to make it work. Successful collaboration requires more than an approach of “if we build it, they will come and be successful.” There are several technology tools that can be easily applied to assist with successful collaboration. This session will explore those tools to help develop a smoother collaborative process and more successful course outcomes

    iPhones and Widgets and Apps Oh My! Leveraging New Technologies for Learning
    Speaker: LeeAnn Stone, Ed.D., Online Educator, Instructional Designer and John Wiley & Sons Specialist

The social networks, Web 2.0 applications and myriad smart devices that permeate our daily existence these days, are, to mimic a saying of old, “not just for breakfast anymore”. Apps that facilitate collaborative writing, iPhones as clickers or survey tools, and virtual tours of the world provide instructors and students with teaching and learning tools that nourish beyond the morning meal! In this session we will explore the application of a variety of these tools for your teaching purposes.

      • Design a course to maximize participation and critical thinking whether you teach online or face-to-face
      • Understand Social Learning Theory and the available tools to spur it on
      • Discover the advantage of integrating all your course materials in one place with WileyPLUS & Blackboard


Location: Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Dana Point
Date: Friday, May 4th, 2012
Time: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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