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Friday, May 3rd, 2019
at Scott's Seafood Grill on the River
4800 Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento

Join speaker Nathan Tintle and your local colleagues from

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Teaching with Simulation Based Inference to Improve Statistical Thinking
The statistics education community is increasingly focusing on the use of simulation-based methods, including bootstrapping and permutation tests, to illustrate core concepts of statistical inference within the context of the overall research process. This new focus presents an opportunity to address documented shortcomings in introductory and intermediate level statistics courses (e.g., seeing the big picture; improving statistical thinking over mere knowledge of procedures, critical reading of research studies). Nathan Tintle will discuss (1) the motivation and rationale behind the simulation-based approach, (2) share some concrete examples of how the approach works and can be integrated into existing courses, (3) present research evidence of its effectiveness at impacting students conceptual understanding and attitudes post-course and in the months following the courses completion and, (4) share a wealth of instructional resources available to support instructors trying out and using these approaches

Speaker: Nathan Tintle, Dordt College

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