Organic Chemistry Chapter Review

Thank you for participating in our class test program with a chapter from David Klein's forthcoming Organic Chemistry text book.

You can access full color PDF versions of the class test chapters by clicking on the book link at the bottom of this page for the Ch20 and then click on the Instructor or Student resources links.

A little background for you on this project: David Klein first wrote a brief supplemental text designed to help students learn core concepts in organic chemistry while working on his PhD at UCLA. This book, Organic Chemistry as a Second Language, received such glowing praise that it was apparent that he needed to write a full textbook. For example, one student wrote, "After reading this book, I feel like I am a master." (Joe "hotspot" on

The chapter you have before you is the result of that endeavor. Dr. Klein is eager to learn from your experience with this chapter as he completes the final draft. Please share with us your candid comments.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback once you have completed/ used this chapter. Please follow the appropriate link, in the box to the right, to complete a brief questionnaire about your class test experience.

Once again, thank you for your participation in this class test.

The Chemistry Team
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