Wiley Solutions for BUAD 304

Your Wiley Business Team is committed to creating innovative and effective solutions for USC Marshall Business School faculty and students.

After analyzing your course objectives and considering the needs that you have communicated, we are presenting our proposed solution for BUAD 304 that will:

  • Enhance the Applied Nature of the Course:
      Seamless integration of timely business news stories coupled with
            discussion questions to spark debate in the classroom, delivered via
            the Wiley Management Update website
      Integrated OB Skills Workbook that includes team and experiential
            exercises, self assessment portfolio, learning styles inventory and
            Student Leadership Practices Inventory
      Text features focus on OB applications: Mastering Management boxes-
            provide insights from practicing managers and recognized
            organizations Marginal Photo Essays- provide additional real-world
            examples of OB in practice
      Wide selection of engaging and current cases mapped to course

  • Increase Student Engagement:
      Addition of innovative Organizational Behavior Simulation allows
            students to experience a Management challenge, utilize their
            analytical skills and learn the outcome of their decisions
      Integration of movies and music into the classroom via Art Imitates Life
            materials illustrates OB concepts via current media

  • Improve Student Performance
      Concise, accessible and applied textbook encourages students to read         the material. Unique integrated study guide reinforces concepts.
      WileyPLUS course management system provides OB specific tools
            that incorporate assessment, interactive e-text, videos,
            animations, digital OB Skills workbook, casebook, iPod downloads and
            an array of additional study tools to guide students.
      Addition of WileyPLUS homework assignments in conjuction with
            reading provides instant feedback and keep students on track and
            accountable for course concepts.

    Detailed information is below. A sample BUAD 304 syllabus is HERE.
    We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration and welcome your feedback and questions!

Organizational Behavior12e
by Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn & Uhl-Bien

Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn's Organizational Behavior is the clearest, most current, and applicable OB text today. Its emphasis on ethics, leadership and sustainability coupled with sound pedagogy and solid research and theory make it an ideal text for BUAD304.

The text is concise (200 pages briefer than Robbins) and visually appealing to encourage students to complete their reading assignments. The practical applications of Organizational Behavior are demonstrated through pedagogical features such as: Mastering Management boxes, which provide insights from practicing managers and recognized organizations and Marginal Photo Essays, which provide additional real-world examples of OB in practice.

The only text with an Integrated Study Guide, Schermerhorn's OB includes chapter summaries, key terms, and a self-test with multiple choice, short response and essay questions at the end of each chapter. A Reference to the OB Skills Workbook is also included as a guide to selections of cases, exercises, and assessments that reinforce the chapter materials.

For additional details and a book walkthrough click HERE

OB Skills Workbook
featuring the Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer Classroom Collection

The OB Skills Workbook is a unique end-of-text learning resource that provides opportunities for substantial student reflection and course enhancement. This 131-page workbook is included at the back of the text and in WileyPLUS and features Student Leadership Practices Inventory by Kouzes & Posner, 48 team and experiential exercises (6 are from the Pfeiffer Training Annuals,) 22 self-assessments that are designed specifically for OB students and The Learning Style Inventory.

Click HERE to view the contents and suggested applications for the OB Skills Workbook

WileyPLUS: Integrated Online Resources Specific to OB

WileyPLUS helps today's students succeed beyond the classroom. With resources relevant to their everyday lives and to the workplace WileyPLUS will make them globally competitive. This online teaching and learning environment integrates the entire digital textbook with a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources to maximize learning.

Homework questions directly link to specific points of reference in the etext to help students with assignments. WileyPLUS for Schermerhorn OB 11e also features student quizzes for added practice, animated and narrated illustrations to guide students through otherwise complicated topics, practice tests, mp3 lecture downloads, flashcards, crossword puzzles, self-assessments, business simulations, and video clips from Skillsoft and CBS News.

Click HERE to explore the WileyPLUS course for Schermerhorn OB
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Weekly Management Updates

Wiley's weekly Management updates keep instructors and students on top of the latest in business news stories. Each week we deliver 3 to 5 new articles, video clips, news stories and more, complete with discussion questions to spark debate in the classroom or assign them as mini case studies.

View the current selection of topics HERE and sign up to get weekly email updates!

CBS Lecture Launcher Videos

This set of short video clips (available in WileyPLUS) from CBS News helps students visualize critical issues discussed in the cases and provides an excellent starting point for lectures and general classroom discussion.

Review our CBS lecture launcher video series HERE

Organizational Behavior Simulation

Ethics-LX is a series of cutting-edge, online learning experiences that challenge students with the complex and ethically charged nature of managerial decision making in a global economy by fusing incisive, analytical learning challenges with broader issues surrounding the purpose and values of business enterprise needs.

MScar Consulting: an Organizational Behavior Simulation:The MScar Consulting team you are about to join is on the brink of collapse. You will play the role of a project manager for a troubled consulting project and will assess the inter-personal and organizational issues, crafting a course for completing the project successfully. This simulation covers topics such as team dynamics, role clarity, trust, team structure, task complexity, and leadership.

Preview the simulations available HERE

Art Imitates Life: Using Music and Movies in Organization Behavior

There is no doubt that today's students are media savvy. Movies, television, and music are pervasive in the lives of students and young professionals. Art Imitates Life provides innovative teaching ideas for integrating these topics into your classroom experience. This instructor's supplement is mapped specifically to the Schermerhorn OB text and is available exclusively to adopters to engage and motivate your students.

See a sample of our Art Imitates Life supplement HERE

Business Hot Topics Modules

Keep your students on the front lines of today's business world. You spend a lot of time preparing your course with current materials to give your students a firm grounding in principles and applications. Wiley can help you show them what is happening in the business world right now so students can face the challenges of their future careers.

Hot Topics explore what's happening today from global, domestic, regional, state and local perspectives. Written by professors, these hot topics offer detailed analyses of current issues for supplemental course study and classroom debate. Select from a range of topics, each offering a 20-30 page unbiased study. 2 Hot Topics are included in the OB WileyPLUS course: "Case Studies in Human Resource Management" and "Valuing Diversity."

Learn more about our Business Hot Topics Modules HERE

Sustainability Coverage

Higher Education has taken on its own movement. As of June 2009, a consortium of more than 200 colleges and universities have signed a Sustainability agreement to promote green practices on campus - 138 of which began in the Business Schools of those institutions. AACSB has recently added Sustainability as a guideline to the Business curriculum.

Schermerhorn is placing a stronger emphasis on environmental coverage/focus in both print and media components. Our new emphasis of "green practices" in Management will help you to cover Sustainability more effectively in the classroom.

Wiley Faculty Network

Wiley Faculty Network offers complete peer-to-peer training & support! With over 50 faculty mentors, the Wiley Faculty Network promotes the effective use of learning technologies and innovative teaching methods to enrich one's teaching experience through faculty-to-faculty collaboration. We offer live and virtual training, live workshops, virtual guest lectures, and adjunct training sessions.

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WileyPLUS Account Manager

Your dedicated WileyPLUS Account Manager is Liz Coluni. Liz's job is to make sure YOU have a successful WileyPLUS experience. Liz provides personal training and implementation support.

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Flexible Pricing, Flexible Delivery

For years, our mission at Wiley Higher Education has been simple-"helping teachers teach and students learn". That means being flexible and responsive to the challenges you face year after year. Challenges such as, offering your students classroom materials in a format they like at a price they can afford. We are committed to providing outstanding value to USC faculty and students.