Wiley Solutions for FIN 320

Your Wiley Business Team is committed to creating innovative and effective solutions for Cal State, Fullerton faculty and students.

After analyzing your course objectives and considering the needs that you have communicated, we are presenting our proposed solution for FIN 320 that will:

  • Enhance course content with a challenging, yet accessible Corporate Finance text that better addresses AACSB standards and offers a balance between developing intuition and mastering problem solving skills.

  • Update and simplify course administration by providing a single integrated solution: Parrino's WileyPLUS course is more user-friendly and robust than both MyFinanceLab and FinCoach 2.0. WileyPLUS provides an integrated ebook, more than 1,000 book-specific algorithmic questions for testing & assessment and learning resources such as immediate feedback, helpful hints, problem solving practice, animated demonstration problems, videos, and narrated powerpoint lectures.

  • Improve Student Performance!
      The response from students to the Parrino text has been
            overwhelmingly positive. They cite: clear presentation of financial
            concepts, the extensive numerical examples and the large number
            and quality of the questions and problems at the end of the chapters
            (over 1,000)
      WileyPLUS provides an integrated ebook with step-by-step instruction,
            instant feedback, and support material to reinforce key financial
            concepts taught in the classroom. Students will be familiar with
            WileyPLUS from Acct 201A and it is ADA compliant.

    Details are below. To hear student reviews of the Parrino text, click HERE.

    We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration and welcome your feedback and questions!

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
by Robert Parrino & David S. Kidwell

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance strikes the best possible balance between helping students develop an understanding of financial concepts and intuition, and helping them master important problem-solving and decision-making skills. The authors believe that a strong intuition is necessary for students to be able to tackle the complex problems and decisions that they will encounter in their careers.

The content within the text is uniquely integrated. It takes students through the fundamental tools and concepts, through their application, and ultimately helps students develop a comprehensive understanding of finance.

  • Text has appropriate amount of rigor, but is made accessible through examples, an emphasis on key concepts and moderate amount of mathematics.
  • Clear and friendly expository style and real-world examples motivate students to read the text.
  • Exceptional pedagogy features a Learning Objective, Exposition, Examples and Practice for every concept in every chapter, followed by a review.

    For additional details and a book walkthrough click HERE

  • Extensive End of Chapter Problems and Questions

    Parrino video

    Fundamentals of Corporate Finance has more than 1,000 end-of-chapter problems ALL written by author Bob Parrino and featuring more variety and a greater range in difficulty than any other text. Parrino offers both Excel and Financial Calculator tools to solve problems and incorporates CFA questions.

    AACSB guidelines are tagged within our test bank so that you are easily able to assess standards.

    Learn by Doing Applications

    Learn by Doing Applications are powerful pedagogical tools included in every chapter that contain standard quantitative problems with step-by-step solutions to help students better understand how to apply their intuition and analytical skills to solve important problems. This unique feature takes the stepped-out problem beyond other texts by offering "approaches" students can take to solve each problem.

    42 selected Learn-By-Doings from the textbook are animated in flash presentations with narrated descriptions. Students will see first-hand the impact of key finance concepts on real world events (e.g. the time value of money, the predictive value of standard deviation on stock returns)

    Click HERE to view one of the Animated Learn By Doing Applications

    WileyPLUS: an Integrated Learning System

    WileyPLUS provides a robust and reliable online environment featuring an integrated ebook with step-by-step instruction, instant feedback, and support material to reinforce key financial concepts taught in the classroom. You can assign homework, reading, videos and monitor progress allowing you to spend more time teaching and less time grading homework.

    Robust teaching and learning resources are found exclusively in WileyPLUS including: 42 animated Learn-By-Doings, Prerequisite Course Reviews, Lecture Launcher Videos with teaching notes, Downloadable iPod Chapter Reviews, Narrated Powerpoint slides for each chapter, Self Tests and Flashcards.

    Click HERE to explore the WileyPLUS course for Parrino Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
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    Weekly Finance Updates

    Wiley's weekly Finance updates keep instructors and students on top of the latest in business news stories. Each week we deliver 3 to 5 new articles, video clips, news stories and more, complete with discussion questions to spark debate in the classroom or assign them as mini case studies.

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    Wiley Corporate Finance Video Series

    Parrino videos

    This set of short video clips (available in WileyPLUS) from CBS News tied to all major topics in corporate finance. Complete with teaching notes and assessment questions to gauge student understanding, these videos provide excellent starting points for lectures and general class discussion.

    Review our CBS lecture launcher video series HERE
    View one of the videos HERE

    Prerequisite Course Reviews in WileyPLUS

    Brief concept reviews, along with exercises and problems, allow students to refresh their knowledge of basic topics in algebra, statistics, financial accounting, and microeconomics

    StockTrak Free Stock Market Simulation

    Show your students the impact of the global economy through stock market simulations in real-time! Wiley has partnered with StockTrak, the world's leading provider of financial educational simulations; and Facebook, the #1 social networking platform connecting students and instructors. Together, we provide an interactive way to show students how they can affect the global economy.

    This innovative and FREE financial literacy initiative is designed for students to experience the global economy through a streaming stock simulation at WallStreetSurvivor.com - used by thousands of students and beginning investors worldwide.

    Learn more about our Stock Market Simulation HERE

    Business Hot Topics Modules

    Keep your students on the front lines of today's business world. You spend a lot of time preparing your course with current materials to give your students a firm grounding in principles and applications. Wiley can help you show them what is happening in the business world right now so students can face the challenges of their future careers.

    Hot Topics explore what's happening today from global, domestic, regional, state and local perspectives. Written by professors, these hot topics offer detailed analyses of current issues for supplemental course study and classroom debate. Select from a range of topics, each offering a 20-30 page unbiased study.

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    FREE Subscription to Journal of Applied Corporate Finance

    Wiley is proud to offer a FREE one-year online student subscription to the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance with the purchase of a new textbook.

    Wiley Faculty Network

    Wiley Faculty Network offers complete peer-to-peer training & support! With over 50 faculty mentors, the Wiley Faculty Network promotes the effective use of learning technologies and innovative teaching methods to enrich one's teaching experience through faculty-to-faculty collaboration. We offer live and virtual training, live workshops, virtual guest lectures, and adjunct training sessions.

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