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Thank you for participating in our chapter review program for Alan Arbogast's DISCOVERING PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. You can easily access a full color sample of: Chapter 6 Atmospheric Pressure, Wind and Global Circulation or Chapter 20 Relevance of Physical Geography to Environmental Issues, using the links below. When you have finished reviewing the chapter of your choice, please click on the review link on the righthand side of this page.

Discovering Physical Geography Second Edition is a comprehensive text that covers all the features of the physical landscape essential to an undergraduate physical geography course. The book is written in a conversational writing style that encourages students to find and appreciate features of physical geography in their everyday environments. This book emphasizes human-environmental interactions central to physical geography and incorporates recent research about interconnected systems and global climate change.

The text and media package were created simultaneously by Alan Arbogast, who regularly teaches the physical geography course at Michigan State University.

The media package for Discovering Physical Geography, Second Edition provides a comprehensive suite of animations, simulations and interactivities that help students comprehend important Earth processes. Vivid images, animations, videos, simulations, assessments and virtual field trips all support the narrative material and enable students to interact with key processes and actively participate in visualizations.

With the Discovering Physical Geography media package you get all the resources you need in one place, all organized around the chapters of the textbook. You can choose any combination of resources, or add your own to create highly personal class presentations that truly reflect your passion for physical geography.

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Chapter 6
Atmospheric Pressure,
Wind and Global
Chapter 20
Relevance of Physical
Geography to
Environmental Issues